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The United Nations launched the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 for the peace and prosperity of mankind. SDGs, which follow the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which expired in 2015, set out 17 goals and 169 detailed goals for humanity in five areas: human, earth, prosperity, peace, and partnership. The UN has pledged to achieve SDGs through the cooperation of governments, the private sector, and civil society by 2030.
Governments around the world are urging the implementation of national response plans for the concrete realization of SDGs. SDGs require corporate creativity and innovation to achieve sustainable development, with leaders from global companies. SDGs emphasize the active participation and mutual solidarity of individual sectors. Established in 2022, SDG Management School aims to train global talents who can respond independently to rapidly changing environments by educating the theoretical and practical aspects of SDGs from the perspective of the government, the private sector, and civil society.

Founding Institutions

UNITAR(United Nations Institute for Training and Research)

UN Training Research Institute (UNITAR), which is closely related to the establishment of this school, provides SDG-related content to our school and provides valuable education using UNITAR ‘s wide and diverse network that cannot be easily experienced elsewhere. In addition, we share various activities and achievements of the SDG Management School with the UN, which is a strong support for training international cooperation experts. We hope you will grow into a truly global talent through various internships provided by UNITAR.


FRANKLIN UNIVERSITY, located in southern Switzerland’s Lugano region with a natural environment, is the only private university certified in Switzerland and the United States.
FRANKLIN UNIVERSITY SWITZERLAND, affiliated with SDG management school, opened in 1969 and provides an innovative educational method that emphasizes international sense and empirical learning in a culturally diverse environment.
We look forward to meeting FRANKLIN UNIVERSITY SWITZERLAND in Lugano, Switzerland which has opened up the door for our students to learn.

UNITAR(United Nations Institute for Training and Research)

IPS is a research institute established under the permission of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (currently, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) and has grown by contributing to national and social development through various research activities since its establishment in 1993.
In 2020, IPS moved its headquarters to Geneva, Switzerland, and established IPS Switzerland (Swiss Industrial Policy Institute) to globalize national competitiveness research. IPS Switzerland is growing as a leading international research institute conducting world universities with national competitiveness research and real-world influence rankings.



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Global Networks and Partnerships

United Nations Institute for Training and Research

UNITAR is an UN-affiliated training organization that promotes accreditation and cooperation in related programs and research to contribute to the spread and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Industrial Policy Studies Switzerland

IPS Switzerland was established in Geneva, Switzerland in 2020 to globalize and develop as a leading research institute for national competitiveness research.

Franklin University Switzerland

Franklin University Switzerland is the only private university certified by both Switzerland and the United States, located in the southern Swiss region of Lugano, which has a natural environment.

Seoul Business School, aSSIST University

Seoul Business School, aSSIST runs MBA, Ph.D., and CEO courses aimed to foster professional management talents who can create sustainable management.

The Taylor Institute

The Taylor Institute provides an educational environment where professionals can take the initiative in developing competencies to adapt and cope with dynamic changes in the 21st century.

Institute for Policy and Strategy on National Competitiveness

IPSNC conducts global competitiveness research from the perspective of East-West integration to enhance the understanding of national and corporate competitiveness of world political and business leaders.

World’s Universities with Real Impact

World’s Universities with Real Impact evaluates the most practical contribution to society by evaluating its research and education programs on a creative and innovative basis.

Porter Prize for Excellence in CSV

Porter Prize for Excellence in CSV is an award ceremony established to discover and award companies and institutions that practice CSV (Creating Shared Value) and contribute to the promotion of CSV and ESG interests and the creative economy.

Journal of International Business and Economy

The Journal of International Business and Economy publishes theories and empirical studies related to international management and economy as a joint publication between The Institute for Industrial Policy Studies (IPS) and Beijing Normal University in China.