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Branko Sain
Branko Sain
Rector for External Affairs, SDG Management School
Welcome to SDG Management School! Our curriculum focuses solely on our students growing into global leaders. Under the mission of SDG, education focuses you to be a good decision-maker in a dynamic and diverse global environment. We have set up global campuses so that students can grow into talented people who understand and respect the culture and diversity of each country. In addition, excellent faculties and curricula are prepared to develop their qualifications as global leaders, and internships are conducted in agreement with world-class organizations to test and develop their roles, qualities, and directions in the real business environment. Our academic curriculum is linked to master's and Ph.D. courses, giving students various options. There is no end to the path of learning. Welcome to SDG Management School, where we walk a long way together!




(2004) Brunel University London
(1999) Sraffordshire University
(1992) ISEF Roma


(2021-Present) Franklin University Switzerland, Dean of Executive Education and Innovation
(2021-Present) Taylor Institute at Franklin University Switzerland, Director (2016-2020) Business School Lausanne, Academic Director


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CEO, Stepping Stones Consultancy Ltd