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Dong-sung Cho
Dong-sung Cho
Co-Chairman of the Board, SDG Management School
Dong-Sung Cho is Professor of Strategy at Seoul National University. He received doctoral degree from Harvard Business School, and worked at Gulf Oil and Boston Consulting. He was visiting professor at HBS, Michigan, Duke, INSEAD, Helsinki, Tokyo, and Peking. He published 61 books and over 100 papers in major journals. Aalto University granted him honorary doctoral degree. He was Dean of College of Business Administration, SNU; President of Korean Academic Society of Business Administration; and President of Korean Association of Academic Societies. He sits in the Presidential Council for National Competitiveness of Korea. He is Honorary Consul of Finland in Korea, President of Supporting Committee for the International Vaccine Institute, Director General of the Ahn Jung Geun Memorial & Museum, Director of the Korea National Opera, and Director of the Korea Professional Football League.


Strategy Development and Implementation, Competitive Strategy, Corporate Philosophy, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Culture, Business-Government Relations, International Business Operations, Joint Venture, Export and International Marketing, International Resources Development



Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts: 1973-77.
- Received Doctor of Business Administration degree. Dissertation title: “International Facility Planning - Regarding the Application of Scientific Approaches.”
- Received George F. Baker Foundation Doctoral Fellowship and 1907 Foundation Fellowship.

INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France: 1973.
- Completed International Teachers Program. Received Ford Foundation Fellowship.

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio: 1972-73.
- Received Master of Business Administration degree. Research Assistant in Marketing.

Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea: 1967-71.
- Received Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Ranked first in graduating class.


Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies (aSSIST: 서울應用科學大學院): 2003-present.
- Acting Chairman and Director, the Board of Directors.

Korea CEO Forum (한국 CEO포럼): 2001-present.
- Member; President: 2003-present.

National Institute of Arts Foundation (韓國藝術綜合學校發展基金財團): 1992-present.
- Director, the Board of Directors.

The Seoul Forum for International Affairs (서울國際포럼): 1991-present.
- Member; Committee Chairman for Korea-India Joint Forum: 1996-present.

The Twenty-First Cultural Foundation (21世紀文化財團): 1990-present.
- Director, the Board of Directors.

Harvard University Korean Alumni Association (하버드大學校韓國總同窓會): 1978-present.
- Member; Vice President: 1998-2000; President: 2000-2002.


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Book Publications
Chaebol: Koreas Major Conglomerates, with Sang-Hoon Nam and Rosalie Tung, Oxford University Press, London, forthcoming in 2004. (English)
Design Revolution, Design Management (디자인革命, 디자인經營), Design Net, Seoul, 2003. (Korean)
CEO Hiddink Through CEOs’ Lense, (CEO가 본 CEO 히딩크), et. al., Baeknyungul Sarang, Seoul, 2002. (Korean)
Books Translated into Korean
Competitive Advantage (競爭優位) by Michael E. Porter, Kyobo-Munko (敎保文庫), Seoul, 1991.
Competitive Strategy (競爭戰略) by Michael E. Porter, with Mong-Joon Chung (鄭夢準), Kyungmoon-sa (經文社), Seoul, 1985.
Manager in the International Economy (國際經營者論) by Raymond Vernon and Louis T. Wells, Jr., with Jong-Wook Ha (河鍾旭), Youngji-Moonwha-sa (英志文化社), Seoul, 1984.
Energy Future (에너지, 오늘과 내일) by Robert Stobaugh and Daniel Yergin, Samsung Arts and Cultural Foundation (三星文化財團), Seoul, 1981.