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Yong-joo Choi
Yong-joo Choi
Rector for Internal Affairs, SDG Management School
SDG Management School is special. Our global campuses make the curriculum we pursue possible, and guide the direction of SDG education correctly. We are the world's first management school under the banner of SDGs, and we operate with the most innovative educational philosophy and methodology. Based on sustainability and ethical awareness, we want to cultivate global talent through multinational companies and the Global Alliance Network. Also, I would like to spread the knowledge necessary to become a leader recognized by the international community. SDG Management School is open to the world.


Sales Innovation Management-Social Capital & Trust Building, Strategic Management
Key Account Management (B-to-B Sales Strategy)
Channel Management: Direct Sales,
B-to-D (Distribution Channel) Sales


Sales Innovation Management
Sales Educational Consulting
B-to-B Marketing Strategy
Strategic Management


(2008) Ph.D. in Business Administration, aSSIST
(1995) M.B.A. in Marketing, Hanyang University
(1999) Executive Master of Business Administration, Helsinki School of Economics


(2016.3-Present) Vice Chancellor, aSSIST
(2012.3-2020.3) Dean, Planning Department, aSSIST
(2008.11–2011.12) Vice President, Maeil Dairies Co., Ltd, Korea
(2000.3–2008.11) Vice President. Pulmuone Co., Ltd, Korea
(1991.8–2000.11) President/Head of Consulting, IBS Consulting Co., Ltd, Korea
(1985.7–1991.7) Product Manager, Ildong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Korea


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Book Publications
▫Yong Joo Choi & Dong Sung Cho, “Building & Implementation of Mid-Long Term Strategy”, IBS Press, 1995 ▫Yong Joo Choi & Sang Bum, Kim, “The Future of the Salse(영업의 미래)”, Olim, 2014. Jul.
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Books Translated into Korean
▫Yong Joo Choi, “100 principles and rules regarding the operating in the black of the small restaurant”, Seoul Economics Management, 2012. Mar.
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